About us

Aspitech was established in 2003 to draw attention to the production of small tools and equipment for cheese making businesses, as there was a gap in the market at the time, since it focused on automations and industrial machinery. 

From the onset, Aspitech took steps to offer its clientèle traditional, functional and innovative supplies.

Today, we retain a simple entrepreneurial set-up which allows us to communicate directly and rapidly with our customers. Our objective has always been to achieve market satisfaction, helping our customers obtain the equipment that fully accommodate their usage requirements, giving the end consumers simplicity in their everyday tasks.

Our offering currently ranges from equipment in stainless steel, wood and also food-grade plastic, in order to provide a comprehensive whole for our customers.


Aspitech offers its clientèle consulting, repair and customised construction services.

consulting   If customers are looking for equipment, machinery or consumables that they can’t find in our standard range, we are in a position to create useful networks of contacts to satisfy a variety of needs, thanks to our experience of more than ten years
repair   Wherever possible, Aspitech is in a position to make repairs on the articles in our standard range, as well as on equipment or machinery from third-party production
customised construction   Thanks to our experience and expertise, we are in a position to produce customised articles, from concept design to manufacturing